About the Sentoo Collection

Sentoo Collection; an exclusive collection of wig ranges, crafted for today’s client by top designers and unique in their superior finish and design. This Sentoo Collection is unlike any other as it encompasses different ranges to ensure the needs of our customers are met.

What is Sentoo?

The Sentoo Collection of wigs is inspired by the Japanese for excellent. Developing the ranges under this philosophy ensures the Sentoo products are unequalled in their quality and approach of offering only the best.

Does it always fit?

When you have selected your model and colour, the wig will be adjusted to fit you personally and, last but not least, styled to suit. The result will be a perfectly natural look.

Suitable for all weathers?

A wig is not as fragile as you may think; a little rain is no problem. For extra security in windy weather the adjustable straps at the nape can be tightened or tape can be applied, wigs are generally very secure.


To keep them in the best condition wigs need to be combed and washed regularly, care instructions are included with your wig and in this brochure so please take time to follow them. The products used are also hugely important. Trendco have their own dedicated T-Range products of maintenance products to ensure the best gets the best!